from a dream to reality...       


Coconut Dreams Skincare is a company truly born out of a God-inspired idea within the heart of a young woman raised on a Coconut farm in the Philippine jungle.  Lorelei Houck, the founder, draws insight for product development not only from her traditional cultural experiences and uses, but also from current day research and discoveries.  The Coconut Dreams Skincare line embraces all the wonderful benefits of pure botanical plant extracts, oils and natural minerals. These cornerstone ingredients are meticulously blended to formulate a unique line-up of all natural, hair, face, and body products.


The Coconut Dream continues to steadily grow as consumers seek alternatives. We see an “awakening” and, in many cases, a complete rebellion against the artificial and chemical-laden brands and their unwanted side effects.  While our products are not for everyone, we are pleased to regularly receive testimonials from customers who candidly share their joy and satisfaction in the Coconut Dreams products, many proclaiming results beyond a prescribed or old “go-to” favorite. We find this very encouraging and therefore we push onward...

Lorelei Houck, Founder of Coconut Dreams Skincare, Inc.

Lorelei Houck, Founder of Coconut Dreams Skincare, Inc.